Thursday, 14 June 2018

it was just a dream

Once upon a time there was a White dress 5 year old girl and her name was bella, She was the most beautiful girl until she  somehow disappeared. (1 years ago) she lived in a town called Macksville, it was a town when people disappear in thin air, When the father David and the mother Rachel walking down the street they saw her in the sewer but then they saw bella walking Towards the pype to the sea.

When them to was in the sewer David and Rachel Found her , shed was in the sewer But she was next to a strange man He had red hair white face, a clown outfit, red Shoes And a red nose And he had a very very creepy smile, Back in the day’s people use to calling him Pennywise
A day later the David and Rachel were slaughtered but the bodies wert found, A day Later the little creepy 5 year old girl was walking along the street When the Brother Jerry Tried to pick her up but his hand went through her body.

A month later at 4:30 at night the girl went back to normal so she went back to her house, but no one was there on the house it seid (Keep out) Then Pennywise came back and  everyone was slaughtered in the town Covered in Blood, In the middle of the town she sat done, there was a little girl that was crying crying and crying.

at night at 3:00 am she Leather her head then she Saw all the Soul that she killed then they Disappeared Forever then she woke up at 6:00am, And she said (it was just a dream) Now I'm going back to school now but When she walked inside the school it was silent when she Walked in her Classroom it was silent When she walked house After school  and there were blooded everywhere boddy's ,knives Upside down Jesus Christ And on the wall it said (im God im God, Im God)When she walked in the kitchen she saw Pennywise and Pennywise was about to kill her but it was just a dream

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